You would think the housing market wouldn't be affect by Brexit, but unfortunately it has! You would think it is just our borders, immigration and import and export businesses is what Brexit is all about. Actually not really, Brexit has reached every aspect of our lives and is impacting the housing market. 

In essence, while the money is flowing, the banks are still lending and the people are able to get mortgages then technically the housing market should be moving forward. But it seems to be stagnating and I think the fundamental reason is psychological. Brexit brings about change and with change brings uncertainty and with uncertainty peoples natural reaction is to wait. Wait to see what happens, wait to see if the value of their property will be affected. Brexit is a huge thing and even though there are so many good arguments for both sides, no one can predict the outcome for potentially years to come, it is just too big!

The point is to stay on the housing ladder. The problems arise when you sell up and come off the market altogether because getting back in is where the unknown lies.   Waiting is just a waiting game and no one is winning. If you get moving, you might sell a bit cheaper and then you will also buy a bit cheaper, it's all relative!